Backyard ChickensThe Langshan breed of chicken originated in China. Today it’s actually a rare breed, Kept almost entirely as a show bird. The Langshan region lies north of the Yangtse Kiang River in China. the first to import the breed was Major Croad. His cousin, pass-up A C Croad, Is given the credit for acquiring the breed in Britain.

The Langshan enjoyed great Cheap American Football Jerseys
popularity during the late 19th century after having found its way to nova scotia in 1878. A new German Langshan soon replaced the original breed. Following world war II, Croad Langshans had been reintroduced.

The variety called the Croad Langshan was an excellent dual purpose chicken. Show exhibits are probably the taller Modern Langshan. The breed club disbanded after World War II cheap nfl jerseys
due to lack of members and the interests of the breed were dealt with by the Rare Poultry Society. The club was reformed in 1979.

As a dual performance breed, Croad Langshans lay well in the cold season. Annual egg formulation is between 140 and 150 eggs. The flesh has a fine texture and is of a good quality. The hens go broody easily and get great mothering skills. They are friendly chickens which can be easily tamed. They do well on both free range or confined afflictions. no matter what, They need shelter during extremes of weather and are not suited to exposed things. With good husbandry exercises, They thrive well and are very profitable.

Langshans remain popular inside their China homeland. They have had a part to play in the creation of new breeds. Barnevelders, Black Orpingtons and Marans all involve some Langshan blood in them.

The Langshan is competently proportioned. The legs are feathered and with such large birds, They are more active than rrs imagined. The Langshan is slow to mature so slow to become productive.

The Langshan is regarded as a ‘large’, Soft feathered breed. black, White and Blue varieties are accepted. The carcass is well brimming. accredited quiet breed with a calm, self confident personality.

The Langshan has a body. The chest is deep, Long and carried well frontward. Its U shape is a special characteristic of the breed. the future back slopes down to the tail then rises sharply. Long legs make the bird appear larger than it actually is. your physique is quite narrow and this, Together with the capacity of leg, Makes the Langshan a less than ideal shape by the values of today’s consumer.

The head is small compared to the body. you will discover a single, Upright comb and a horn coloured beak which are often light or dark. surely some feathering on the shanks and outer toes. The long tail of the male is very big and well spread, Reaching perhaps 17 inches in total. Cocks mediocre 9 1/2 pounds and hens 7 1/2 pounds. The older type of Langshan was actually just a bit heavier. It is an amiable, tough bird.

They are ideal as a backyard chicken if a family wishes to bring about and hatch their own chickens. The Langshan is available too as a bantam. It is a worthwhile choice simply for its friendliness and lure.